Managed Services

When you let The Prescient Group manage your IT environment, you empower your business to do what it does best. You can finally focus on growing your organization, without complicated IT annoyances slowing you down. Through partnerships with MSPs and VARs, The Prescient Group can help facilitate your migration into a Managed Services environment.

Even if you have already taken the step towards Managed Services, you may find that some providers refuse to manage all the way to the desktop. That’s not the case with The Prescient Group. We can provide the support that you need at the managed desktop level. Our staff of engineers and desktop administrators can provide the day to day and onsite support that your company requires. This partnership frees you from the daily operations of IT and allows you to concentrate on building your business.

Some of the benefits of Managed Services by The Prescient Group include:

  • Reduced costs - proactive monitoring and maintenance of your systems means you’ll stop spending money on rectifying big disasters after they’ve happened.​​​​​
  • Less downtime - with your systems looked after 24/7, you’ll experience far fewer problems and virtually no downtime.​​​​​
  • ​​​​​Predictable, monthly fee - plan your IT budget with a far higher degree of accuracy.
  • Sleep easier at night - you have enough to worry about, and IT doesn’t have to add to the stress. Let The Prescient Group take the weight of technology off your shoulders.​​​​​