The Prescient Group has been that life saver time and again. We had a VDI implementation that just was not performing as we had hoped. In order to wrap our minds around it, we called The Prescient Group in to do an assessment. They performed the assessment and provided recommendations. So to put them to the test and tasked them to execute their recommendations. Not only did the VDI infrastructure’s performance increased by 90%, they were right on the money with the assessment. They executed the fix without impacting service, and to top it off they did not exceed their quoted amount.

We were so impressed with the Prescient Group that they are now our only partner as we move towards our cloud implementation. Consequently, they have been re-engaged for a VMware project, a Citrix XenApp project, and a SAN storage project.

A sign of a true partner that cares about your well being is one that occasionally calls just to chat and see if your doing o.k., and he always says, “I’m here if you need me, no matter the time or day.” It is greatly appreciated to know that there are still those out there that understand how to build lasting relationships.

VP of Educational Research and Technology
Anamarc Educational Institute